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U.N.'s Report On Climate Change To Come Out Soon

~ Arctic ice this summer is 30% greater than last summer.

In September, the National Snow and Ice Data Center reported that the average amount of Arctic sea ice for the month of August was about 6.09 million square kilometers or 2.35 million square miles. That's up from the August 2012 average of 4.71 million square kilometers or 1.82 million square miles (the all-time low was made on September 16, 2012 when the sea ice dropped to 3.42 million square kilometers or 1.32 million square miles; read our August 27, 2012 article and its updates: "Arctic Ice Melts To Lowest Level Ever"). And it didn't take long for certain right-wing media outlets such as the Daily Mail tabloid (UK) and Fox News to go on their usual insane rants about Global Warming being a hoax.

~ Lou Dobbs says there is significant Global Cooling...Really?

Because last summer was so incredibly bad, a rebound of the Arctic ice's surface area or "extent" this summer should not be surprising; its long-term trend doesn't move in a straight line, it moves in oscillating waves due to the fluctuations in the natural climate and weather patterns. And according to scientists, the situation is still very dire for the Arctic in the long run. As of September 16th of this year, the Arctic ice extent has shrunk to 5.10 million kilometers (2.00 million square miles), click here.

Updated (Sep. 3, 2015): World looks like this if all ice melted.

The Arctic ice this summer is far below average in surface area compared to other years since record keeping began in 1979 and will likely be the sixth-smallest extent on record, click here. But one must also keep in mind the thickness of the Arctic ice, which is also thinning to record levels, click here. Basically, the Arctic has lost approximately 40% of its sea ice since 1980 and for it to reverse its long-term downtrend now, as Mr. Lou Dubbs suggests, would be like the Titanic swerving away from an iceberg in mid-course!

~ NASA tells the truth.

[Study: 97% Agreement On Man-made Global Warming, click here.]

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. saw a conservative niche in the demographics and wanted to exploit it; and we at the Frog Blog get that. But to bend the truth to the extent that Fox News has done in regard to Global Warming is just wrong. Basically, Fox News is saying that the entire mainstream media has a left-wing agenda and climate scientists of the whole world are over exaggerating their findings to bolster government control and to undermine industry. So, Fox News is supposedly the "fair and balanced" news outlet to counterbalance everybody else. Hardly. People who watch Fox News turn out to be the least informed. This isn't fair and balanced, this is right-wing propaganda and nonsense. We at the Frog Blog wonder if Fox News offers any real public benefit at all, click here.

~ Climate of deception: How Fox News distorts the climate debate.

The truth is, main stream journalists and scientists care more about their own careers and reputations than some kind of political agenda. Like in other professions, they want to be at the top of their fields, and that means they must do good, objective, truthful, and rigorous work. And the truth leads virtually all of them to Global Warming. The idea that hundreds of thousands of scientists and journalists from countless nations, in business, academics, governmental and nongovernmental agencies and organizations are ALL colluding in lockstep to deceive the entire human race about Climate Change is both ludicrous and paranoid.

~ It is a scientific certainty that the Arctic ice is melting.

U.N.'s New Climate-Change Report Is Coming

On September 27th, the United Nations's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I.P.C.C.) will come out with its latest report; it took six years to compile by more than 800 top scientists who cited over 9,000 scientific studies from all over the world. And leaked documents reveal that scientists have revised their estimates in regard to Global Warming. Have they exaggerated their findings in the past? And will Climate-Change deniers take this opportunity to have a field day, reversing all steps already taken by governments to try to reduce greenhouse gases on our planet? predicts the I.P.C.C.'s prognosis for our planet will be as dire as ever. Please read our article on the I.P.C.C. report in early October.

~ Limbaugh can't wait to do maximum damage – to our planet.

In the video above, Rush Limbaugh calls Climate Change a fraud, citing the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (N.I.P.C.C.), as opposed to the I.P.C.C. So, what is the N.I.P.C.C.? It is head by a scientist by the name of Fred Singer. In the 1990s, Mr. Singer made it his business to deny the serious dangers of second-hand smoke. The N.I.P.C.C. is funded by the libertarian Heartland Institute, which in turn is funded by various special interest groups and corporations, including ExxonMobil. By coincidence, the Heartland Institute also worked with Phillip Morris in the 1990s to question the cancer risks of second-hand smoke. In our opinion, the N.I.P.C.C. likely practices pseudo-science.

~ Doubt is the tool-of-the-trade of the huckster.

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UPDATE: U.N. Climate Report Spells Disaster

(October 6, 2013) Read our article on the 2013 report from the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I.P.C.C.), click here.

UPDATE: U.N.'s Health Arm Links Pollution To Cancer

(October 18, 2013) Read our latest update about the World Health Organization's new report, click here.

UPDATE: Obama Likely To Approve Keystone XL

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UPDATE: Gov't Report: Climate Change Has Arrived

(May 6, 2014) Read our latest update about the Obama Administration's Third National Climate Assessment. Climate Change is here, click here.

UPDATE: Antarctic Glaciers Irreversibly Melting Away

(May 13, 2014) Two research papers published on May 12th state that because of shifting and strengthening winds. warm water is being pushed under the coastal glaciers in Western Antarctica, melting them. It is believed that this phenomenon is caused by Global Warming and it will only get worse with time. A dramatic rise in sea levels will occur and current estimates must be revised upward. Over hundreds of years, the sea level could rise by as much as 13 feet; and many coastal cities around the world as well as some islands and archipelagos on which entire nations reside might just disappear forever.

~ Sea levels could rise by as much as 13 feet.

UPDATE: U.S. To Cut CO2 Emissions By 1/3 In 15 Yrs.

(June 4, 2014) Read our latest article on how the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) will crack down on coal in the U.S. Also, learn about what the People's Republic of China is doing to the world’s environment! Click here.

UPDATE: Oil Crash Could End Fracking & Oil Sands

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UPDATE: Mini Ice Age Coming In 2030: Scientists

(July 19, 2015) Read our article on how solar activity changes the Earth's climate, click here.

UPDATE: Nuclear Power Is Best For Climate Change

(August 20, 2015) Read our article on why nuclear power is the only realistic way to cut out all carbon, click here.

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