Saturday, July 14, 2012


Don't Let Scammers Exploit Your Generosity!

There is nothing lower than a bunch of douche-bags exploiting the suffering of helpless animals to scam kindhearted people out of their hard-earned money. But according to CNN reporter Drew Griffin, that’s exactly what SPCA International is doing.

~ At the center of it all is fundraiser Quadriga Art Inc.

As far as we can gather at, this type of racket involves flogging very sympathetic causes, such as suffering animals or disabled veterans (or a combination of the two in the case of SPCA International’s "Baghdad Pups" program). With emotional images and pathetic stories that tug at your heartstrings, millions of dollars in donations would be raised; but instead of going to the entities they are supposed to help, the money is almost entirely pocketed by the people who operate the “charity” involved and by a fundraising/direct-mail company called Quadriga Art Inc. And according to the U.S. Supreme Court, this is all legal!

~ Not just puppies, but veterans are also pawns in an evil scheme.

There is perhaps a crowding-out effect operating here. After SPCA International took in the $26 million in donations from animal-lovers, these same people will now have less money for other legitimate animal charities that really need it. But worst of all, this scandal may have compromised the reputations of – and future funding for – real charities with similar sounding names and abbreviations. One such charity is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelly to Animals (ASPCA); for many years, this and other animal welfare organizations have faithfully served countless communities throughout the United States and around the world (other examples include the SPCA of Texas and the Canadian SPCA, just to name a few). In fact, perhaps all charities in general have more or less been irreparably damaged by this abomination as people become more cynical.

~ Animals still need your donations, but be diligent.

However, we must not let a group of low-lives cheat our money or scare us away from acts of philanthropy. Before you ever give a penny, always be cognizant of the EXACT name of the charity in question (and don't be fooled by copycat logos) and check it out by going to a website like And if you ever get cold-calls or mailings asking you for money, always inquire if they have anything to do with Quadriga Art Inc. If the answer is yes, hang up.

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UPDATE: CNN Report: "Cancer Charity Rip-Off"

(June 15, 2013) According to CNN's Drew Griffin, not only are animals and veterans being used as bait to solicit money from kindhearted but uninformed people. Now, even cancer is on the table as a trick to tug at your heartstrings.

As consumers, we must not give questionable charities a penny. The longer we keep them in business (and that's not just a figure of speech), the more their scandals will inflict harm on ALL legitimate charities that really need your money as people become wary. Rule-of-thumb: always be suspicious of direct-mail and phone solicitation. Always deal with long-established and reputable charities. Always check out the background of charities you are not familiar with. The Internet is a great place to do your research. Always visit the websites of charity watchdogs, such as and others.

Also, see CNN's report on "The 50 Worst Charities," click here.

~ Making big $$$ off of the misery of cancer.

UPDATE: Making Big $$$ Off Of Sick & Dying Kids

(August 27, 2013) Puppies, veterans, cancer sufferers, and now sick and dying children – all used to make millions of dollars by unethical charities. And Kids Wish Network is considered America's absolute worst charity by CNN and the Tampa Bay Times. Only 3% of the money they raised went to sick and dying kids. The founder of this charity is also the person who controls or owns some of the fund-raising companies that work for Kids Wish Network.

~ Worst charity in America. Scum of the earth.

All the millions of dollars that go to these so-called "charities" are the money that are not going to real charities that really help animals and people. Email reports such as those by CNN to everyone you know; use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media to combat these selfish operators. Lawmakers should force all charities to publish on all their literature the percentage of the money raised that actually goes to the cause involved. This would create competition among all charities to become more efficient.

UPDATE: Pat Robertson's Charity & "Blood Diamonds"

(September 19, 2013) Just when you thought you have hit rock bottom, then you discover another fifty feet of crap underneath that! The new documentary Mission Congo exposes the greed of televangelist Pat Robertson. In 1994, he raised millions of dollars in donations through The 700 Club on his Christian Broadcasting Network to help refugees in Zaire (now the Republic of Congo) who had fled the Rwandan genocide; his campaign was called Operation Blessing. But it is alleged that Robertson made fraudulent claims about Operation Blessing and used it as a front for his own private diamond mining operation in Zaire. Click here.

~ Pat Robertson's 700 Carat Club.

UPDATE: Quadriga Art To Pay $24.6M Settlement

(June 30, 2014) Finally, the marketing firm behind all the controversial charities involving veterans, puppies, and others has been handed out punishment by the State of New York. But in our opinion, it should have been put out of business, click here.

~ "Despicable."

UPDATE: Shark Fin Sales Drop Up To 70% In China

(September 11, 2014) Read our article about how a media campaign succeeded in reducing the killing of sharks. Also read about why ethical issues such as honesty, integrity, and transparency are very important for activism in the 21st Century, click here.