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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Must Ban Giant Snakes

Unlike with wild mammals such as bears and cougars, there really is no misconception out in the public that reptiles such as pythons and alligators can be tamed or are safe. However, some ignorant people think that wild animals can be handled and kept with a half-ass attitude as long as they are being fed, that includes both wild mammals and reptiles. But in fact, such animals must always be handled with extreme caution and they really should be banned in areas in which many people reside. According to the Humane Society of the United States, the importation and inter-state transport of large constrictor snakes should be banned by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, click here.

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~ What happens when careless idiots manage wild animals.

On August 5th, in Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada, two boys aged four and six were asphyxiated and killed by a 100-pound African rock python. It had escaped from a pet shop beneath the unit in which the two boys were sleeping. The pet shop is called Reptile Ocean, and its owner is Jean-Claude Savoie. Savoie has received complaints before about his negligence in regard to Reptile Ocean. It appears that he might have done a lousy job of feeding and caring for the python and other animals as well as in keeping them secure. Experts have theorized that the boys were likely playing with animals in the store earlier in the day and the scent on the boys attracted the python during the night.

At any rate, it is illegal to own such an animal in the Province of New Brunswick. However, there are special permits for accredited zoos to keep prohibited exotic animals; Jean-Claude Savoie did not have a permit for this python, which was eventually destroyed as authorities needed to do tests in their investigation. In all, 27 animals that were illegally owned were removed from Reptile Ocean on August 9th. Four American alligators (one was pregnant) and four large snakes (not including the one that killed the boys) were destroyed as no accredited zoos were willing to take them. This shows that not only are humans at risk, but so are the innocent animals when people foolishly keep wild pets.

~ Criminal investigation begins.

But people are already protesting, not over the senseless deaths of the boys, but over the shut-down of Reptile Ocean. This betrays a lack of priority and commonsense that often leads to such a tragedy. The situation is ludicrous, two beautiful boys were killed and some of the protesters claim it was a freak accident and the store should be kept open. Really? Nobody was responsible for securing the python or for making the proper repairs to the store? Let's not forget that it was ILLEGAL for the owner of Reptile Ocean to own this python in the first place. Jean-Claude Savoie may face criminal charges.

~ Idiots protest the closing of Reptile Ocean

If the protesters' own children were killed by the python, would they be as enthusiastic about keeping this store open? These people care more about their own amusement than the danger to the people who live near the store and the wild animals that suffer for being taken out of their natural environment. This reflects the thoughtless and selfish attitude of people who like to own exotic pets. Often, they get a degree of self-esteem for owning such animals when attention is focused on them from their friends and acquaintances. But the animals themselves are mostly locked up in tiny austere cages and tanks throughout their lives, often living all alone with years of improper care.

~ Steve Irwin used his baby as a publicity stunt. Moron.

Steve Irwin the "Crocodile Hunter" made the nonchalant handling of dangerous reptiles famous in 2004 when he fed a crocodile while holding his one-month-old baby. Stupid stunts like this perpetuate the misconception that dangerous reptiles are predictable when they in fact are not. Irwin was rightly criticized for this thoughtless act. He himself was killed just two years later by a stingray while snorkeling at the Batt Reef. It was believed that he might have gotten too close to the stingray and it felt boxed-in and attacked. The video of the incident was destroyed at the request of Steve Irwin's family. He was just 44 years of age.

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UPDATE: 850 Snakes Found In Home!

(September 21, 2013) Richard Parrinello, a Long Island animal-control officer living in Shirley, New York, had his housed raided yesterday by authorities who discovered 850 snakes in his two garages; they were estimated to be worth about half a million dollars. Two Burmese pythons, which are illegal in New York, were also found.

~ $500,000 worth of snakes found in garages.

Apparently, Mr. Parrinello was operating some sort of mail-order business on the side and was not reporting to work due to a disability claim. He faces charges for owning illegal animals as well as running a business out of his home without a permit. Just think of what could have happened if the 850 snakes had escaped into the neighborhood.

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UPDATE: Snake-handling Pastor Dies From Snake Bite

~ Where was God?

(February 17, 2014) Jamie Coots, a snake-handling preacher in Kentucky, was bitten by a rattlesnake on Saturday and he died. Paramedics actually showed up at the scene, but Coots refused help. One must ask, did this preacher actually enrich the lives of his followers though wisdom or did he just endanger their lives along with his own? Getting people to believe in God through some damned-fool snake charmer's trick was not ethical. The truth should be the only god in our lives, and it came to claim Pastor Coots.

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~ Is this religion or delusion?

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