Thursday, July 18, 2013


Experts Say Millions Might Lose Power For Years!

~ 11-year cycle points to 2013 as a peak year for solar flares.

Scientists say we are due for a giant solar storm this year. And in an article published on July 17th in the Washington Post, it was reported that Lloyd’s of London (the world's oldest insurance market) is concerned about the massive damage that solar flares could inflict on the global technology infrastructure, perhaps causing as much as 2.6 trillion dollars in losses. Worse than that, besides our GPS devices and cellphones not working, our electric power grids could go kaput for 20 to 40 million people on the Eastern Seaboard alone – possibly for years!! Click here.

~ Discovery Channel: The consequences of a perfect solar storm.

Of course, just because 2013 is a peak year doesn't mean a great disaster must occur this year; the odds are against it, but expect some disruptions in 2013. However, this does not mean a great disturbance of our civilization will not occur; scientists believe it is a matter of time, perhaps in our lifetime (some experts predict within the next 20 years). As opposed to the pre-industrial era, modern civilization is now so dependent on electricity and technology that our survival may be in jeopardy if we are suddenly deprived of them. So the issue for our planet is not whether solar-storm disasters will occur or not, but are we prepared for them?

~ NASA urges preparedness.

So, what can governments do to protect us from solar storms so violent that it could disrupt our civilization? The most vulnerable part of our power system are the transformers that are connected to the power lines all over North America. They can be damaged by current surges during a geomagnetic solar storm and it can take anywhere from days to years to repair them. One answer is to shut down our power grids when a giant solar flare occurs: "controlled blackouts." National energy grids that are not operational can escape the bombardment of X-rays and UV radiation from our Sun during a solar storm. However, satellites that run our cellphones, GPS devices, satellites TV broadcasts, and others will be affected regardless.

Officials in the United states and Great Britain are already implementing this strategy in the event of a giant solar flare. As citizens, we must be cognizant of the dangers of solar flares as well as of what the national and local government protocols are in the event of a giant solar flare. Then we must plan for the disruption of power and other technological services in our lives.

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NASA's Explanation Of Magnetic Reconnection:

~ NASA spacecrafts send data for a movie explaining solar storms.

~ Magnetic Reconnection is when magnetic fields collide and split.

[For further information on the two NASA videos above, see NASA's July 15th posting on its website, click here.]

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