Monday, August 27, 2012


The Survival Of The Polar Bear May Be In Peril

Updated (Sep. 23, 2012): Scary forecasts come true.

NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center announced today that a new record has been set this summer in the Arctic: The sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has shrunk to the smallest size ever observed by humans on August 26th, at about 4.09 million square kilometers (1.58 million square miles). According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, this phenomenon is considered a strong signal of long-term climate warming.

Updated (Sep. 3, 2015): World looks like this if all ice melted.

This summer, about 38,000 square miles of ice have been melting per day since June. And it is expected that the Arctic will lose an additional 60,000 square miles of sea ice every summer – that's about the size of the State of Georgia. Some scientists believe that by 2020, all the ice in the Arctic will be gone in the summer time. This shows that the "alarmists" among the scientific community in the past were totally correct.

~ Will all the ice melt away by 2020?

As less and less white snow and ice exist to reflect the Sun's rays, and at the same time as more and more dark water exists to absorb the sunlight, global warming may become accelerated. This in turn may cause global sea levels to rise as the snow and ice on land also melt and flow into the ocean. But lest we forget that humans are indeed the main cause of Climate Change. According to world-renowned geologist Richard Alley, the direct inverse relationship between the rise of carbon dioxide and the decline of oxygen in our atmosphere is proof that Global Warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

(Click on image to enlarge.)
~ Atmospheric CO2 concentration from 400,000 years ago to now.

~ It's us, humans, who are causing Global Warming.

The World Wildlife Fund points out that this situation in the Arctic has dire consequences for wildlife from shrimps to walruses to polar bears. Polar bears may become stranded in the ocean, unable to find ice to climb onto in order to reach land; and walruses are losing their habitat. In addition, as shipping and exploration become more and more accessible for humans, their presence in the Arctic may cause irreparable damage to a fragile environment that a whole slew of land and marine species rely on to survive.

~ Starving polar bear finally finds ice.

[Updated Insert - May 16, 2013: Study: 97% Agreement On Man-made Global Warming, click here.]

~ Koch brothers funded research proving Global Warming!!

* * *

UPDATE: Arctic Ice Drops To New Record Low

(September 25, 2012) Just twenty-one days since the last record was made on August 26, a new record was reach on September 16, 2012. The Arctic sea ice dropped to a historic low of 3.42 million square kilometers or 1.32 million square miles, click here.

~ September 16th the worst day ever.

UPDATE: 2012 Hottest Year Ever In The U.S.

(Jan 10, 2013) On November 29th, 2012, scientists reported that both polar ice caps are melting three times faster than they had thought. And in a report a few days ago, 2012 was the hottest year in the United States on record – and the second most tumultuous in history.

~ Global sea levels will rise.

~ 2012 was the hottest year ever in the U.S.

UPDATE: Polar Bears Are Starving To Death

(August 7, 2013) Due to Climate Change, many polar bears are dying of starvation. This is because polar bears hunt for seals and other prey by waiting on floating sea ice; they would dive into the water from the ice after they spotted their prey beneath the surface. As there are now less and less pieces of floating sea ice, many polar bears are trapped on land, starving to death. And when they do find sea ice on which to hunt from, they might find themselves far adrift from both land and other sea ice; and when they try to go ashore by swimming from sea ice to sea ice, they might find none and become stranded in the ocean and drown. News item: "Polar Bear Starves To Death From Climate Change, Scientists Say," click here.

~ No ice = no food.

Because polar bears are at the top of the food chain, their drop in numbers may have profound effects on the ecosystems of the Arctic. Without the sufficient culling of seals, sea lions, and other marine mammals by polar bears, their populations may explode and their over-consumption of fish, crustaceans, and other lifeforms may destroy the bio-diversity of Arctic waters.

UPDATE: "Global Warming A Total Fraud": GOP Rep.

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  1. We have found DROWNED Polar Bears 40 miles off shore this season likely trying to swim to the sea-ice edge!

  2. Very sad but, I fear we wont change anything now in time to make a difference!

    1. It is not too late in regard to Global Warming and the survival of the polar bears -- but our wiggle-room is not long. And it doesn't help when Mitt Romney makes fun of Pres. Obama's position on Global Warming. As Obama said in reply, Climate Change is not a hoax.

      The sad thing is that Romney is not an ignorant man and he actually believes Climate Change is real and is likely caused by humans. However, his recent comments can only do great harm and his TRUE views on the subject hidden inside his heart mean nothing and can do no good.

      Romney is a man who is without principle, just a flip-flopper who would do and say anything for power.

      “Mitt Romney, Climate Change Flip-Flopper”:

  3. Replies
    1. It's incredible that even with physical evidence that people can see with their own eyes (like the increase in hurricanes, tornadoes, and floating dead polar bears), there are still some naive people who convince themselves that everything is ok.

      When you are calling almost all the scientific scholars of the entire world and all the governmental agencies of the entire world liars, then congratulations, you’ve just crossed the line between MAN from NUT!

    2. This PsychoDad is a clown. Just look at Hurricane Sandy -- it has just wiped out the Eastern seaboard. Expect more and more of the same as the years go by. PsychoDad is like those morons who stay behind despite an evacuation order.

  4. the ethanol that's added to gasoline is supposed to reduce emissions by 20%..
    BUT.. the mileage is reduced..
    i get 200 miles from a tank with ethanol, and 300 miles from a tank WITHOUT IT..
    if you need half again as much gas, just to get to the same point, it ends up putting 20% MORE EMISSIONS into the atmosphere..
    plus, you're paying 6 bucks a gallon, instead of 4..
    PLUS, it messes up your engine.

    i sent "the math" to all the branches of the epa, a few yrs ago.. they don't care..

    the warmongers don't WANT to give up their grip on your nuts..
    they'd rather the planet go down in flames..

    also, going 70 miles an hr, vs 50mis/hr, uses upwards of TWICE AS MUCH GAS..
    (in MY car, at least..)
    when i noticed the HUGE difference, i immediately ceased driving that fast, so the numbers aren't very accurate..
    i think it has something to do with "wind resistance".. the faster you go, the harder work the vehicle has to push against the resistance.. (so, it would vary according to the shape of your vehicle)

    1. ok weird..
      "today's animal pic" says: "it's useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favour of vegetarianism, while the wolf remains of a different opinion"..

      EXACTLY the point i was trying to make

    2. Ethanol doesn't "reduce" emissions. The carbon dioxide that it produces should not be that much different than that from fossil fuels. However, ethanol is CARBON NEUTRAL; in other words, when you burn ethanol, you would know that oxygen was produced by the plants (such as corn) that the ethanol had come from.

  5. Fossil fuels (decayed ancient plant matter) produced oxygen when they were living just as the corn from ethanol does. Nobody wants to live in a poisoned and polluted world. Common sense practices of recycling and conservation are worthwhile, but we must remember that Earth is an ancient and dynamic planet. Our planet has gone through many cycles of Natural climate change from ice ages to Meteor impacts and volcanic activity. During the Carboniferous period CO2 levels were at 30% of Earth's atmosphere, plants and animals thrived, now 95% of those species are extinct and humans were not known to have started the industrial revolution at that time. One volcanic eruption can produce more particulate matter and poisonous gases than all the pollution from the beginning of mans existence till present day. Maybe we should get the U.N. to enact a global ban on volcanic activity without proper permitting.

    1. In regard to fossil fuels, some also came from animals millions of years ago such as reptiles (dinosaurs), insects, amphibians and fish -- which all did not produce oxygen but produced CO2. But regardless, to unleash millions of years of fossil fuels in a period of a few hundred years means there will be a great imbalance in the environment that may destroy many kinds of wildlife (and our coastal cities)

      In regard to your comment on volcanoes, that’s just WRONG. Please look at video above on Richard Alley, who proved that volcanoes had little impact on the environment. When volcanoes emit CO2, they do not burn oxygen. But currently, the DROP in oxygen in our environment is the same as the RISE of CO2, proving it's the burning of fossil fuels (which destroy oxygen) that's causing the problems in our world today.

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