Monday, December 10, 2012


Gov'ts Try To Calm Fears As Dec. 21st Approaches

~ Mayans couldn't make calendars forever – tired, not End-Time.

As we approach the end of the Maya 5,125-year cyclic (or "Long Count") calendar on December 21, 2012, panic steadily rises all over the world. End-Time scenarios circulate unabated; they include the Earth being struck by a giant asteroid (or another planet), the Earth being fried by a super solar storm, the Earth shifting its rotational axis, the Earth reversing its magnetic poles, the Earth being in a planetary alignment where natural disasters such as tornadoes, massive floods, and earthquakes ravish our world.

~ Maya nonsense can be costly.

There are reports of Americans running out to buy guns, survival equipment, and provisions. In China, bloggers are circulating that the Apocalypse will have arrived when we see our planet being blanketed by three days of total darkness. Also, one idiot in China cashed in his life savings of $160,000 in order to build an ark to survive Dec 21st. In France, people are planning to converge at the top of Mount Pic de Bugarach, waiting for space aliens to rescue them. There are also reports of expensive underground shelters being sold to the gullible in France, the U.S., and elsewhere.

~ Russian citizens panic as December 21st approaches.

To avoid needless accidents and social instability, governments around the world are trying their best to alleviate fears. The mayor of Bugarach, France has banned UFO watchers and light aircraft from being on top of the fabled mountain that is supposed to be the landing site of space aliens. In Russia, the Ministry of Emergency Situations told its citizens to come to their senses. In the U.S., NASA and the Voice of America created websites and videos to dispel nonsense and superstition. To go to the NASA video explaining the Maya myth, click here.

~ Voice of America explains the Maya calendar.

While ten percent of the world population believes December 21st is a day of catastrophe, some people in Mexico and Central America are celebrating the end of one Long Count cycle and the beginning of another. To them, December 21st is an auspicious and happy day. If the descendants of the Mayans don't know, then who does?

~ It's not doomsday, but a time of celebration.

* * *

UPDATE: Warren Jeffs Predicts End Of the World

(December 28, 2012) The loons are not done with 2012. Now, Warren Jeffs, jailed leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or the FLDS Church) is telling his followers to prepare for the Apocalypse at the end of 2012. This lunatic is currently serving a life sentence plus 20 years for child sexual assault.

~ Jeffs, a narcissistic psychopath, might harm his followers.

As dumb as this sounds, there is nothing to laugh at here. Authorities fear that the megalomaniac, who still runs the FLDS Church from behind bars, might order the murder/suicide of his followers – not unlike cult leaders Jim Jones and David Koresh. A narcissistic psychopath who is cornered like a rat in prison with no hope of freedom might want to destroy his entire congregation to make a point. And it seems his followers are a bunch of brainwashed fools who would carry out his orders. Our only hope is that the most dire outcome is not being planned by Jeffs and the first sunrise of 2013 will wake up some in his flock.

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