Thursday, February 14, 2013


Physicist Likens Creationists To The Taliban

~ Turning your kids into mindless idiots is child abuse.

Noted physicist Lawrence Krauss earlier this month declared that the teaching of Creationism (also referred to by its obfuscating name, "Intelligent Design") is a form of child abuse. According to Dr. Krauss, people in the United States are so ignorant that the National Science Foundation found that 50% of Americans think the Sun actually revolves around the Earth and not the other way around, click here. And in a recent Gallup poll (May, 2012), 46% of Americans believe that humans were created by God in their present form within the last 10,000 years. This is pathetic.

[Updated Insert - March 16, 2015: To learn about how school vouchers help teach Creationism to children, click here.]

~ Teaching Creationism is like depriving a sick child of medicine.

America is perhaps the only advanced nation in the world where the idiotic Creation vs. Evolution debate still rages on. This cripples America as other nations forge strongly ahead with their rigorous math and science curriculums. European and Asians countries, including U.S. rival China, are making great strides in education while U.S. students rank poorly in math and science in comparison, click here. In fact, any kind of nonsense being disseminated to the public by fools and nuts in China may result in imprisonment. While such Draconian methods are rightly frowned upon by the West, commonsense should still prevail in the U.S. And although the teaching of Creationism as science is no longer allowed in America, Creationists still use many crafty strategies to seep rubbish into the classroom while society looks the other way.

~ In the 2012 film, The Revisionaries, morons hijack education.

The acclaimed 2012 documentary that addresses this issue, The Revisionaries, was first broadcast on PBS this January, click here. (To view encore broadcasts of this documentary, please check your local PBS program listings.) This award-winning film exposes the kind of "child abuse" that the Texas State Board of Education has inflicted on the kids of Texas. They do this by determining what should, and should not, be in the text books of all the subjects being taught, from history to biology to social studies. In essence, a bunch of laymen get to overrule the consensus generated by the scholars – the true experts. According to the former chairman of the Texas Board of Education, Don McLeroy, "Somebody's got to stand up to experts!"

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These poor kids will have a hard time entering and surviving natural and social science courses in colleges and universities after they graduate. Worse than that, Texas is such a large market for text books that the stupidity of the Texas Board of Education actually influences the types of text books publishers print nationwide, and that in turn dictates what children in other states may read. This in turn hampers America's competitiveness on the world stage long into the future.

[Updated Insert - December 9, 2013: Read our new article on how America has fallen behind: "Far East Tops O.E.C.D. Education Rankings," click here.]

~ Don McLeroy's revisions will be in place until the year 2020.

Photo taken by Patrick Ross.
~ Kentucky's Creation Museum attacks education, click here.

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UPDATE: Anti-Creationist Student On Moyers & Co.

(March 2, 2013) Young Zack Kopplin proves that wisdom does not necessarily come with age. He has shown us that we must all bravely stand up to stupid bullies when they perpetrate injustices and lies. In the long run, reason always triumphs over dogma. The natural home of reason is debate and competition. When ignorant dogma tries to fight for its existence in an environment of debate, competition, and knowledge, it is outside of its own element. The natural element or home of Creationism is mindless rote and obedience – brainwashing (you would have to shut your brain down to accept that all the different species of dinosaurs fit into one wooden ark). That is why Creationism tends to flourish in closed and controlled environments like cults and home-schooling. It is contradictory, illogical, and hypocritical to debate on behalf of "no-debate" (Creationism). That’s why believes the Internet, the nerve center of global information and debate, is the graveyard of Creationism. Debate on, Zack!!

~ Zack Kopplin on keeping Creationism out of public classrooms.

UPDATE: Film: The Unbelievers Attacks Religion

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UPDATE: Fanatics Denied Medicine To Kids; 2 Died

(August 8, 2013) Yesterday, a judge in Philadelphia refused to dismiss third-degree murder charges against Herbert and Catherine Schaible for refusing to give their sick eight-month-old son medicine for religious reasons, click here. The baby died of pneumonia in April. These two morons belong to the First Century Gospel Church, which rejects medical science and preaches faith healing; to them, medicine is the tool of Satan (how insane is that). The reason for the judge's tough stance is because the couple did the same damned thing to another son, Kent, in 2009, a two-year-old who died from bacterial pneumonia after being denied medical treatment. For Kent's death, the Schaibles were convicted of involuntary manslaughter and were placed on probation for ten years. Under the terms of the probation, the couple was required to give all eight of their children (now seven) medical care.

~ Religious idiots face murder charges.

We at the Frog Blog have no idea if the state can prove its case against murder. The bar is set much higher than for manslaughter. In our opinion, even if the Schaibles did lie to the court in 2009 in regard to giving medical treatment to their kids, they might still believe in their hearts that praying to some magical sky master is the only way to treat pneumonia, even when their other son died in 2009. These religious fanatics always have justifications for their incompetence, such as saying, "It's Gods will," and other nonsense. They are stubborn idiots, not malicious idiots. If convicted, the couple may each face five to ten years for the probation violation and 20 to 40 years for the third-degree murder of this baby.

While doesn't think the state can easily prove their case and a jury may end up setting these two imbeciles free, we do hope they will be found guilty and have the book thrown at them. Regardless of what was really in their hearts when they let their baby die, the harsh punishment they may receive if convicted would deter other less incorrigible and stupid fanatics from doing the same thing to their children. One thing is for sure, the court should have taken the Schaibles' kids away in 2009. The system has failed these children, especially the eight-month-old baby.

[Updated Insert – February, 19, 2014: These two crazy-ass morons both received up to seven years in prison. But what's more important is that they should not get their children back; at this point, we're not really sure.]

~ 3 1/2 to 7 years in prison for a couple of idiots.

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  1. This is perhaps one of the dumbest things I've ever read, another reason why the ad hominem argument is such a blatant fallacy.

    Using China as an example of scientific advancement is a pathetic argument. China is a country which steals a lot of technology through industrial espionage. Even worse, China is still a nation in which 80% of its citizens are in terrible poverty.

    And how does China deal with "fools and nuts" (your cute term for religious folk)? They imprison them in slave labor camps. In one case, a pastor was beaten with steel rods by the local police for having a house church. Thanks for virtually ignoring how China deals with dissidents.

    The fact is, people like Lawrence Krauss aren't much better than the Chinese. By using terms like "child abuse", Krauss is suggesting that the teaching of religion should be treated as a criminal offense. Other atheists are rising up and saying "what are we going to do about that this travesty?"

    Last time time I checked, religious freedom was a fundamental inalienable right guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. Are Atheists looking for ways to circumvent this and use it as an excuse to jail parents and take away their children? Josef Stalin was famous for using similar methods, as he essentially destroyed Russian culture and tried to make the USSR into some sort of atheist communist superpower. I guess Atheism and Communism are shamelessly totalitarian in their worldviews.

    Comparing Creationists to the Taliban is comical, in light of the fact that Atheists would have no problem forcing kids to reject their family's faith in favor of something that the government, which considers itself God's superior, has decided is better for them. What's next? Shall we just clone all humans and avoid the whole unpredictable parenting thing altogether?

    You just have to laugh at the claim that teaching creationism to kids means will have a hard time "navigating natural and social science courses in universities and colleges." Are you suggesting that universities just accept any idiot that has the tuition money? Last time I checked, EVERY applicant had to pass certain BASIC requirements before they even took a seat at a university. And what about those religious colleges like Pepperdine, Biola, and Baylor? Do those schools churn out complete morons?

    If Atheists are naturally smarter than believers, then why do you belittle yourselves with dumb rants like this?

    1. As mentioned in the article, China’s methods are Draconian. And China is indeed less advanced than the US, but it is gaining on the US while America is bogged down by rigid Tea Party gridlock and Creationist nonsense. The fact that China is the largest U.S. creditor (at over 1.2 trillion dollars) is not a good sign. And the fact that China’s trade surplus with the U.S. is growing means that Americans are losing manufacturing jobs to China.

      You also point out that America has religious freedom. This is a great thing. But to say that just because the U.S. allows the freedom of conscience doesn’t mean U.S. school teachers or text books have the right to cram one religion above all others into the minds of the kids. How would you like it if your kids run home to tell you that they now believe in Sharia Law, astrology, or Satan worship. Worse than that, how would you like it if your kids tell you they now believe Sharia Law, astrology, or Satan worship is the absolute truth because they have learned it in science class. The inability of Creationists to grasp reality and to differentiate between the truth (science) and faith betrays their utter stupidity.

      If they teach real science in university and your kids are learning nonsense in public school, it is without doubt that those from other states (outside Texas) and those who attend good private schools will have the upper hand in getting into university over your kids. As with Don McLeroy, telling kids that dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark is perhaps the most idiotic and harmful thing one can inflict on children. Only a moron would think such rubbish would not compromise a child’s chances in academics and later in the job market in the REAL WORLD. As Dr. Krauss has pointed out, America has fallen to the point where half the people think the Sun revolves around the Earth (also in the Bible)!!!! And you idiots still are justifying this national ignorance and disgrace.

  2. RE: Anti-Creationist Student On Moyers & Co.

    But it is the Evolutionists who are shutting down debate in the classroom, not the Creation Scientists. That's the hypocrisy.

    1. The Creation vs. Evolution “debate” is really an oxymoron. It’s really about the fight between children thinking for themselves, using their brains, in a logical and rigorous fashion to understand nature versus their blind trust in the myths of the Bible. The Creationists are essentially debating for blind trust, which by definition means no-debate. That’s hypocrisy.

      If they want to make a REAL argument for Creationism, they should show us the evidence of how God created life and let’s debate over that. Saying that life is complex therefore God must have created it doesn't cut it -- it’s not evidence -- it’s not anything. A snowflake is also complex, but it’s not created by God. Science can prove it is created by the atmosphere. Also, following the Creationists’ absurd line of logic, one can argue that because life is complex, Satan must have created it.