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If Aliens Do Exist, Can They Reach Us?

For months, an unidentified flying object was spotted over the City of Denver. And a number of days ago, news crews captured it on tape. Let us note that "unidentified" means just that and the term "UFO" by no means points to the object in question as an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Odds are, there is a rational, earthly explanation for the sighted object – likely a secret U.S. military aircraft. The Buckley Air Force Base is based in the City of Aurora, which along with the City of Denver, make up the Denver Metropolitan Area.

Updated video (Nov. 22, 2012): UFO in Denver caught on tape.

Having stated all that, must reiterate that we believe life-forms outside of our solar system are likely to exist. In our article titled, "There Are Billions Of Habitable Planets!" we reported that scientists believe there might be other life-forms in other parts of our galaxy. But even though there are literally billions of habitable planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, the distance between such planets are so vast that it sometimes takes thousands of years for light to travel from one livable planet to another, let alone actual life-forms riding in spaceships (it takes light one year to travel 5.9 trillion miles or 10 trillion kilometers). And according to the laws of physics, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

~ White House: There has been NO evidence of alien visits – ever.

Even though life does probably exist out there and there are billions of habitable planets in the galaxy, the percentage of livable planets that actually contain life is likely very small; and the chance of intelligent life-forms living on these habitable planets is even smaller. However, the number of extraterrestrial civilizations might still be in the millions; but even millions would be easily diluted into insignificance by our vast galaxy. Once you factor in the sheer unfathomable distances between bodies in our galaxy, the chance of livable planets that contain intelligent life being close enough to our Earth to permit space-travel is next to zero.

~ Carl Sagan calculates the number of civilizations in our galaxy.

Physical contact from aliens is out of the question. Nevertheless, we humans might one day receive messages from other civilizations not only in our galaxy but in other galaxies as well; but these messages might be thousands to millions of years old due to the limits of the speed of light. Although we haven't received anything thus far, the chance of us receiving extraterrestrial messages in the future is greater than zero. But don't expect them in your own lifetime!

[Updated Insert – April 17, 2015: Read our latest article about NASA's surprising announcement, “NASA Says We'll Find Alien Life In A Decade," click here.]

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UPDATE: "Area 51 Is Real": C.I.A.

(August 17, 2013) Yesterday, the Central Intelligence Agency confirmed that Area 51 exists and is really Groom Lake or Homey Airport, a detachment of the Nevada Test and Training Range (U.S. Air Force). However, it is not a place where space aliens rendezvous, or where the U.S. government conducts experiments on extraterrestrials, or where the Pentagon studies spaceships. Instead, it was the testing site in the 1950's for high-altitude U-2 reconnaissance planes. And later, the supersonic reconnaissance A-12 aircraft and the F-117 stealth ground-attack jet were also tested here. As we said earlier in this article ("UFO Spotted Over Denver"), UFO sightings are likely sightings of experimental government aircraft (including drones), especially if the site in question is near a military facility. Commonsense?

~ What did you think it was?

UPDATE: Did Life On Earth Come From Mars?

(September 1, 2013) Biochemist Steven Benner of The Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology in Florida presented his findings a few days ago at the annual Goldschmidt Conference in Florence, Italy. He discussed that one of the ingredients of life is molybdenum and the Earth simply did not have enough of it when life began to develop millions of years ago. He concluded that molybdenum, which is abundant on Mars, must have came to Earth via Martian meteorites.

~ The "spice of life" may have come from Mars.

UPDATE: Bigfoot Caught On Tape; DNA Collected

(October 3, 2013) ABC News and other news outlets reported claims of Bigfoot sightings yesterday. The reporters sounded a bit tongue-in-cheek, click here. We at think the odds of this being a hoax is over 50%. The researchers, who call themselves the Sasquatch Genome Project, gave a press conference on October 1st; we think the purpose of this event was simply to promote their upcoming documentary.

~ Bigfoot...really?

However, these researchers have apparently collected samples of blood, hair, and DNA from a number of Bigfoots and have shared their evidence with real scientists, who have neither proven nor disproven their case. At any rate, if the researchers really had gotten that close to that sleeping female juvenile Bigfoot (see video above), why didn't they try to tranquilize it and capture it? You would think a female juvenile should not be a big problem for them to handle. It would have been one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time. Hmmm....

UPDATE: End Of The World Coming In September?

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