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Is the Republican Party Hijacked By Rightwing Loons?

~ A satellite photo of the BP oil spill from NASA.

Almost everything that comes out of Sarah Palin's mouth is utter nonsense. The scary thing is that she is extremely popular and may be a candidate for the Presidency in 2012. The GOP seems to be replete with politicians who tend to rant on about one dogma or another regardless if it sounds stupid or not to their own constituents. One example is Republican Liz Cheney’s support for the looney Birther Movement in face of overwhelming evidence that Barack Obama is indeed an American citizen, click here.

~ Palin flip-flops on off-shore drilling - then blames "Greenies."

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But the most ludicrous comments from a Republican in regard to the theme of this website, the environment, has to be from Congressman Joe Barton of Texas, who apologizes to BP because the President had the audacity to try to negotiate some kind of speedy relief for all those who have been or will be harmed by the oil spill. What Obama did is not only legal and proper, but morally right. He cut the red tape and spared many who cannot afford costly legal fees to obtain restitution.

~ Congressman Joe Barton apologizes to BP CEO. Shameful.

The President just persuaded and admonished, but many Republican loons will have you believe that what the White House did is unconstitutional, even when BP had the option to refuse. There is nothing more pathetic than a Representative from the United States Congress kowtowing to a foreign corporation even when that corporation has greatly harmed American citizens, wildlife, and the environment. What did Barton's constituents vote him into office for, to side with the perpetrators against their own interests and welfare? It is clear that what is important to a politician isn't his/her constituents, but the corporate money with which to win elections. This may not be treason, but it is surely a betrayal of public trust.

Blaming environmentalists for the BP oil spill while apologizing to the true perpetrators...This is the Twilight Zone courtesy of the Tea Party...

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UPDATE: Palin Loves Ted Cruz & Coal; Blames Obama

(October 16, 2013) It's common knowledge Sarah Palin is an abject moron. And if she could blame environmentalists for the BP oil spill in 2010 (see main article above, "Palin Blames 'Greenies' For BP Oil Spill"), why not blame President Obama for the government shutdown in 2013? See video below of her and Ted Cruz at a veterans' rally. To be clear, the President ran on the issue of healthcare twice and won handily (2008 and 2012). The Affordable Healthcare Act passed both houses of Congress and was signed by the President. It was also ratified by an essentially conservative Supreme Court. Republicans tried to repeal Obamacare 40 times and failed. It is the law of the land.

~ Sarah Palin's grotesque distortion of the truth.

Yet, idiots like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz won't quit. They would rather plunge the U.S. and the world into financial disaster than to let Obama win. They are not conservatives but are anarchists. And yet, they blame the President for not negotiating, thus making this mess his fault. Using their line of twisted logic, it would be perfectly okay for the Senate and the President to blackmail America by shooting down any budget to shutdown the government if Congress and all 50 states didn't repeal the 2nd Amendment. Blackmail is not negotiation. Now, Sarah Palin is considering a run for the Senate to help Ted Cruz and the coal industry, see video below.

Poll shows 74% of Americans disapprove of Republican handling of budget crisis – click here.

~ Sarah Palin wants to help Cruz & coal.

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